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 LV 41 - LV60 (70cap) Quests Guide~wanlv fast? Do Quest~~~~~~

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PostSubject: LV 41 - LV60 (70cap) Quests Guide~wanlv fast? Do Quest~~~~~~   Sat May 19, 2007 7:46 pm

Level 45 - Bunwang highest grade nephrite
NPC: jade refiner pahap of hotan
collect 175 highest grade nephrite
repeated quest 3 times
reward: 700,000 exp

Level 46- Clearing ultra blood devil
NPC: storekeeper auisan of hotan
killing 750 ultra blood devil
repeated quest 3 times
reward: 750,000 exp

Level 48 - Duyun's revenge
NPC: East gateway of hotan guard name Duyun
killing 820 white spider
not repeated quest
reward: 800,000 exp / 11,300 skill point

Level 49 - Sweeping Mujigi
NPC: south gateway of hotan guard name Batu
collect 225 fingernails of mujigis
not repeated quest
reward: 1,075,000 exp

Level 51 - Ishade Quest
NPC: protector shop
killing ishade 235 drops
reward: exp: 1,100,000
item:HP Recovery Potion (Large) X 50
not repeated quest

Level 53 - White Face Spider Web
NPC: Herbalist in hotan
Task collect 210 white spider web from white face spider OR blue face spider
reward:100k gold and 1.2milion exp
Repeatable 3 times

Level 59 - Yeti stick
NPC: Hotan blacksmith
Task collect 120 Yeti sticks
reward: 2mil and exp
Repeatable 3 times


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LV 41 - LV60 (70cap) Quests Guide~wanlv fast? Do Quest~~~~~~
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