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 No Support =(

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PostSubject: No Support =(   Tue Jun 05, 2007 4:41 am

some of u guyz really disapointed me so i dont wanna do anything more..i dont wanna help..i dont want any more war..i dont feel like playing this game anymore..i feel shitty now after being mad..so so sad confused ..i dont understand why evertime something start we r so deep and in the end we're 1/3 lesser than what we started with and not only that some ppl had to ruin guild motivation ''my self-esteem broke down after hearing that'' this is why im only keeping 64+ in CK1 if ur 64+ ur able to help in guild war it dont matter if u can kill them or not..its about support Example: u get out there and high level atting u that gives us enough time to kill em or if we're atting them and couldnt kill them in one shot u just att them the opposer might need only one dog bite or one more shot to be killed... we should stick together from begining to the end..dont leave us disserted..this is what Guild is about...dont give up unless we all see that we're no match to them..so if u see ur mate going strong u should stick with them and give it ur all...i admitted we lost this war today but only due to lack of organization..
and about what i said earlier was nothing personal i dont really mean it. it wasnt from my heart..i just said it to boost ur motivation but it didnt seems to work..even tho we sux i still <3 this guild ...CrazyKidz til SRO dies..but for now i dont want to do anything i dont wanna be leader..so many responsibility..ill just train ..i dont wanna go look for trouble anymore, i dont have anything to back up my word..im thinking u guy might wanna do the same ..only jobwars for fun..its only the begining..the server is still new we have a long way ahead of us..best wishes to u guy on sun items and lvling..
i still <3 all u guyz

*WOW*its only a game but it does get u really mad..those of u r not with me on this ..ur lying!! RaWr!!

CrazyKidz 4ever
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PostSubject: Re: No Support =(   Thu Jul 19, 2007 9:10 pm

wow you get crazy over a game
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No Support =(
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