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 Alchemy filter for ur bot

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PostSubject: Alchemy filter for ur bot   Sun Jun 24, 2007 5:13 am

How To

0th - EXIT Silkroad and the Bot Finger before you begin!

1st - Navigate to your bot "conf" folder.

2nd - Delete any files that start with "filterPropName"

Image hosted by servimg.com

3rd - Download and Extract the "filterPropName.zip" file into the "conf" folder

Image hosted by servimg.com

4th - Start up Silkroad and the Bot. Go to the "Filter" tab and verify settings. If you change anything, do not forget to hit "Save Edit"

Bot Filter Settings

Picks: Quest Items

Picks + Stores: All Equipment (Seals, Weapons, Defense, Accessory, Etc...)

Picks + Sells: N/A

Does Not Pick: Alchemy Byproducts, Tablets, Any HP/MP Potions, Any Status Pills, Arrows, Monster Scroll Drops (I.E. Scrolls)

Bot Filter Updates

* Alchemy Byproducts
* XL HP/MP Pots
* Reorganized a few bot categories (i.e. quest items not on quest category, speed tablets not in tablets)
* Removed "Junk" from the filter
* Added levels to tablets
* Added Purification Seeds

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Alchemy filter for ur bot
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